Cynthia W.

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I began seeing Jeff Figgins after my husband and I moved here in 1998. I trust him completely; he knows my body’s response to and what it takes to get it back to optimum performance. He offers suggestions for exercises, stretching, and nutrition. For an added bonus he sometimes will recommend a new movie, DVD, music, a restaurant, to dog toys and dog parks. I typically maintain a one per month visit, as over the years he and I have found this works best for me. In January of 2009, I fell skiing, hurt my knee and thought I would be ok. Well, it is now January 2010 and I have had to date 4 knee surgeries and am anticipating another within the next couple of months.


Whenever things are amiss, I call Jeff before I call ANY doctor. During this past year he would sometimes work solely on my knee for one week and the next week on all body. This helped to get the blood flow going and kept recuperation time to a minimum as well as maintains my posture, gait and balance issues from walking weird. He has been an integral part of my health and I firmly believe he has done more for me than any physical therapist could. Jeff stays current on varying modalities available through many different classes nationally as well as internationally. He is totally professional and loves what he does. I highly recommend him to all who care about their body and being here on this earth for a long time!

April 18, 2016