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Alice C.

I have known Jeff for over 20 years.  I consider myself lucky to be one of his "regulars".  As far as I am concerned Jeff is magic.  He cures everything that ails you.  In fact, my whole family, my husband, son and daughter have all gone to him for either regular body work or help recovering from injuries. He is fantastic!  I have been to other massage therapists but none compare to Jeff.  His knowledge concerning the body and your muscles is vast and he is extremely helpful when I have a particular ache or pain to figure out why I am hurting so I can avoid whatever action I am doing that I should Continue Reading

Beth G.

In just a handful of sessions with Jeff, I began to make a dramatic improvement. From Jeff’s records, I had about 18 hours of treatment over the 5 ½ months and now have about 90% of normal shoulder motion (I’d came to him with only 30% motion). Jeff not only worked my shoulder, but also on my whole body. I’d had pain and stiffness on the other side of my back and shoulder that was completely ignored by both other forms of therapy I tried. I’d love to see more doctors try massage / bodywork before more drastic, more expensive methods of treatment for many health problems. Continue Reading

Cynthia W.

I began seeing Jeff Figgins after my husband and I moved here in 1998. I trust him completely; he knows my body’s response to and what it takes to get it back to optimum performance. He offers suggestions for exercises, stretching, and nutrition. For an added bonus he sometimes will recommend a new movie, DVD, music, a restaurant, to dog toys and dog parks. I typically maintain a one per month visit, as over the years he and I have found this works best for me. In January of 2009, I fell skiing, hurt my knee and thought I would be ok. Well, it is now January 2010 and I have had to date 4 knee surgeries and am anticipating another within the Continue Reading

Peg S.

I think the saying "No pain, no gain" is pretty familiar to most people.  Well, this would pretty much describe my first massage with Jeff.  I felt like Jeff had cracked every bone in my body, and I didn't quite know what to think about my experience. After the massage, Jeff explained that what I thought were bones cracking were actually very, very tight muscles.  I immediately felt relief in my shoulders and back, as Jeff had removed years of stress in just one massage! Jeff is not your typical massage therapist; he starts at your feet, using reflexology, and when he is finished you will feel like you died and went to heaven!  But please remember, Continue Reading